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Makeva Jenkins

Makeva Jenkins, a multifaceted individual, is renowned as a highly successful Business Strategist, Life Coach, and Entrepreneur. As the esteemed Owner of The Prime Enterprise Group, she has managed to carve her path to triumph in the business world. With a remarkable aptitude for her profession, Makeva Jenkins has amassed a substantial net worth, reaping the rewards of her hard work and determination.” In this article, we are going to cover Makeva Jenkins net worth, career, husband, age, height and other untold facts.

What is Makeva Jenkins Net Worth?

Makeva Jenkins was a multi-talented and driven individual, excelling in various spheres of the business world as a Business Strategist, Life Coach, and Entrepreneur. Her passion and dedication to her career were evident through her ownership of The Prime Enterprise Group, a venture that showcased her exceptional leadership and visionary abilities. As a Business Strategist, she had an innate talent for devising innovative and effective plans that propelled businesses to new heights of success. Alongside this, she also played a pivotal role as a Life Coach, positively impacting the lives of many with her motivational guidance and transformative insights.

Makeva Jenkins was renowned for her sincerity and commitment to her work, constantly striving to exceed expectations and achieve remarkable results. Her extraordinary talents and relentless drive contributed significantly to her financial success, and at the time, her net worth had reached an impressive $7 million. Her journey to this level of financial prosperity served as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

  • Net Worth: $7 Million
  • Yearly Income: $350k
  • Monthly Income: $30k
  • Daily Income: $1k
Makeva Jenkins
Makeva Jenkins

What is The Prime Enterprise Group Net Worth?

The Prime Enterprise Group stands tall as a prominent and rapidly growing entity in the realm of business consulting and coaching firms. Boasting an astounding legacy of over 10 years of experience in the industry, the company has cemented its position as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses seeking guidance and development. This unparalleled wealth of expertise has been honed and refined over the years, allowing them to deliver exceptional services and insights to their diverse clientele. The cornerstone of their success lies in their dedicated team of seasoned professionals, who bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table.

With a formidable cadre of experts, the company is uniquely positioned to address the most complex and demanding challenges faced by businesses across various sectors. As a testament to their enduring dedication and prowess, recent statistics reveal that the Prime Enterprise Group’s net worth currently stands at a staggering 25 million dollars,

further solidifying their financial strength and sustainability in the marketplace. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a progressive approach, the Prime Enterprise Group continues to be a trailblazer in the business consulting and coaching industry, empowering organizations to thrive and achieve new heights of success.

Year Net Assets Progress
2024 25 Million 19.05%
2023 21 million 13.53%
2022 18.5 Million Unknown Past Year

At a Glance About Makeva Jenkins

Real Name Makeva Jenkins
Nick Name Makeva Jenkins
Profession Owner of The Prime Enterprise Group
Age She died at the age of 32
Height In feet: 5’7”
Weight In Kilograms: 80 kg
Relationship Euri Jenkins
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available

Early Life & Family

Makeva Jenkins had a truly wonderful early life that laid the foundation for her remarkable journey ahead. Right from her formative years, she exhibited an insatiable love for literature and a thirst for knowledge, immersing herself in the world of books and exploring various genres. It was during these early years that she discovered her passion for becoming a Business Strategist and a Life Coach, driven by a deep desire to help others unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams.

From an early age, Makeva demonstrated an innate sense of discipline and focus, which proved to be instrumental in shaping her character and work ethic later in life. This unwavering determination to succeed set her apart from her peers and became a defining trait in her personal and professional endeavors.

But beyond her individual accomplishments, Makeva Jenkins was blessed with a beautiful and loving family that provided her with unwavering support and encouragement. The strong bond she shared with her family became a pillar of strength, inspiring her to strive for greatness and achieve her goals. To create lasting memories and cherish their leisure time together, the Jenkins family made it a tradition to embark on memorable trips, exploring new places, and relishing in each other’s company.

Makeva Jenkins Husband

Makeva Jenkins is a woman blessed with the loving companionship of her devoted husband, Euri Jenkins. Their union is a true testament to the power of love and support, as they stand side by side through thick and thin, unwavering in their dedication to one another. Makeva considers herself incredibly fortunate to have found such a remarkable partner, one who never fails to be her pillar of strength, encouragement, and inspiration. Their unwavering support for each other has been the bedrock of their relationship, fostering a deep bond that has only grown stronger with time. Makeva firmly believes that it is her husband’s unwavering belief in her abilities that has propelled her to achieve her dreams and goals in life.

Education Life

Makeva Jenkins had an impressive educational journey that laid the foundation for her successful career. She first pursued her passion for criminology and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious University of South Florida. Her commitment to excellence was evident as she excelled in her studies, garnering brilliant academic results that showcased her dedication and intelligence.

Not one to be content with just one degree, Makeva’s thirst for knowledge led her to pursue further education at Barry University, where she completed her master’s degree. Throughout her educational pursuits, she remained actively engaged in co-curricular activities, always seeking to broaden her horizons beyond the classroom. Teachers and peers alike admired her enthusiasm, work ethic, and ability to balance academic responsibilities with participation in various extracurricular endeavors.

During her time in higher education, Makeva Jenkins pondered her true passions and the path she wanted to pursue in life. It was evident that her dedication and drive extended beyond academics, and she harbored a deep desire to help others reach their full potential. Inspired by this realization, she decided to combine her academic background with her innate talents for motivation and guidance.

After completing her studies, Makeva embarked on a remarkable journey, becoming a Business Strategist and Life Coach. Her decision to enter this field was fueled by her desire to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and lead fulfilling lives. She brought her unique blend of knowledge, skills, and empathy to the table, creating a positive impact on the lives of her clients.

Career Path

Makeva Jenkins’ career path is an inspiring journey that exemplifies the triumph of determination and hard work in the realm of business strategy, life coaching, and entrepreneurship. Throughout her professional trajectory, she has proven herself to be one of the most successful individuals in these fields, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. With a relentless pursuit of her dreams, Makeva first served as the Founder of the Makeva Harold Foundation, Inc, where she displayed her compassion for helping others and making a positive impact on the community.

Steering her career towards entrepreneurship, she then assumed the role of CEO of Creative Party Designing, showcasing her creativity, vision, and leadership skills in creating memorable and extraordinary events. Her innate ability to identify and seize lucrative opportunities eventually led her to become the Owner of The Prime Enterprise Group, a testament to her entrepreneurial prowess.

Throughout her professional journey, Makeva Jenkins faced numerous challenges, but she demonstrated resilience and an unwavering work ethic to overcome every obstacle that came her way. She dedicated countless hours and effort to achieve her current position, proving that success is not handed on a silver platter but earned through hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment to one’s goals.

Makeva Jenkins Social Activities

Social Site Name Profile Link
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/makevah
Instagram Not Found
Whatsapp Not Found
Twitter https://twitter.com/MakevaJ
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/makeva-jenkins-382773b/

Final Words

In conclusion, Makeva Jenkins was a highly accomplished individual, excelling in the realms of Business Strategy, Life Coaching, and Entrepreneurship. Her dedication and expertise in these fields enabled her to amass a considerable net worth of approximately $7 million. Her professional acumen and hard work were evident in the substantial income she earned throughout her career.

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